Hi, I'm Francis Rafal.

I live in Vienna, Austria and I'm CEO and Co-Founder of the Content Creation School, Rafal Studios and Ninjawerk and also the Curator of the Global Shapers Vienna Hub.

I enjoy learning about things like entrepreneurship, filmmaking, physics, artificial intelligence, politics, mental health, dance, music or bananas.

To pay my rent and save the world I'm currently running the following ventures:


This is where we teach everyone how to produce digital content like photos, videos, blogs or podcasts.


Tackling polarization of our society. Our current approach is matching people with different opinions.


We're a bunch of young people in their twenties, trying to improve Vienna by driving dialogue, action and change.


Here we're building top-notch but easy to use film tools for professionals.


Here we represent and manage film specialists who do things that almost nobody else can do.


If you love being pushed around in a shopping cart, this is the relaxation technique you've been waiting for!

Learn how to create your own videos with your phone!

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Follow me on Instagram where I only post pics shot on phones:

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